Заволжский Пигмент


The Zavolzhskiy Pigment company has been successfully functioning since 2001. It is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of pigment pastes for the textiles, paints and varnishes, leather, concrete, plastisols, etc.

Over the years of its existence, Zavolzhskiy Pigment has acquired a strong position in the Russian market of chemical raw materials in the segment of pigment pastes and additives for the textile industry. Our company has gained a reputation as a reliable and dynamically developing supplier.

At present, our partners are more than 100 enterprises from Russia, namely the manufacturers of textiles, stationery, paints and varnishes, building materials, etc.

The main objective of our company is the constant development and assistance to the customers in solution of their problems.

The Zavolzhskiy Pigment company is cooperating with a number of well-known manufacturers and suppliers of various kinds of chemical raw materials and equipment. The direct deliveries from the manufacturing plants in China, India, EU countries, allow to provide a competitive pricing policy of the enterprise.

While using the advanced management experience, state-of-the-art production technologies and having its own scientific developments, Zavolzhskiy Pigment increases its competitiveness due to the high quality, novelty, exclusivity and technical support of the materials produced.

The company produces the pigment pastes under the brands “Printex”, “Ecotex”, “Lakanil”, “Lakoplast”.

The Zavolzhskiy Pigment company provides its customers with a wide range of services from the safe storage and logistics to the technological and information support. The transport subdivision of Zavolzhskiy Pigment arranges the delivery of goods to any point in Russia.


The customers of Zavolzhskiy Pigment can always get comprehensive advice from our technologists, the required information materials, samples and technical documentation. All the achievements of our company are the result of teamwork, high professional competence based on the experience, and confidence in the success of all employees of Zavolzhskiy Pigment.


The enterprise equipment is supplied by leading German manufacturer NETZSCH.
The production floor space is 1,500 square meters.
The storage area is 3000 square meters.
Own plant chemical laboratory.
Research and coloristic textile laboratory.
Own fleet of vehicles.
The leader in the sale of pigment pastes for the textile industry in Russia.
The company provides tolling services for the production of chemical products according to the customer formulations.

The company is certified in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO.

The company has the registered trademarks “Lakoplast”, “Lakanil”. We are the official representative of the APAN IMEX Indian company – the largest supplier of dyes.